Break tradition: White wine can and should be drunk in winter!

Jun 17, 2020

Cold weather means richer foods and a glass of red in hand, preferably with an open fire crackling nearby, right? Not necessarily.

Keeping to the expected food-wine combinations means you also risk overlooking some great seasonal produce, such as oysters, which are at their best coming from cold waters. 


It's probably not surprising, but what makes these two pairings so memorable is the careful selection of wine for the specific meal and moment. And that's really the secret to drinking white in winter: choosing the right one. Call them “winter whites”.


With the strong Asian influence on our new menu, Chenin Blanc is the answer. Slightly higher levels of alcohol and a few extra grams of residual sugar gives these wines more richness than a summery riesling or pinot gris. But don't worry, they're not too sweet. "Classically it's paired with relatively spicy and aromatic Vietnamese or Thai dishes," 


We are now offering by the glass the latest vintage of Marc Bredif, out of the Loire Valley. Tropical fruits, round and lingering.


The Domaine Marc Bredif winery is one of the great names of the Loire, producing exceptional Loire white and red wines. Despite the size of the operation, quality is very much a paramount concern for its owners, as anyone who samples the wines can see and enjoy. The estate has enjoyed a long and colorful history, having been established in 1893 under the original name of Château Les Roches. In 1919, not long after the end of the First World War, Marc Bredif took over from his Uncle and renamed the property to mark the change of ownership. His focus was simple, to forge an unrivalled reputation for excellence amongst the estates of the Loire valley. His hard work paid off and the reputation of the Domaine grew quickly, both at home and abroad.


And if you feel like in search of deeper flavours, we have some of his best vintages, all the way back to his 1985 vintage- Chenin Blanc has never tasted so good. The ethereal Chenin Blanc from Marc Bredif remains a benchmark for the region; delicious, nervy and vividly sketched when young it morphs into an infinitely complex wine with age taking on characters of dried honey, lanolin and calvados, still with that ceramic-like sheen of minerally acidity.