OBE is Australia’s oldest and one of the world’s most respected producers of certified organic, grass-fed beef.

A farm with no fences, where cows forage year round on organic native pastures and where cows grown and thrive under the natural care of their mothers. Where pesticides and herbicides use has never taken route. Where annual floods irrigate the land with nourishing water and fertilise the soil with fresh nutrients.

OBE Cattle:

OBE Beef is sourced from cattle raised in the Australian Channel Country. The Lake Eyre Basin, SA encompasses the Channel Country, a land of wide open spaces, spectacular sunsets and a thriving pastoral industry and has terrain unlike other regions in Australia. The air is clean and cattle have thousands of acres of native organic grasslands to roam. The Channel Country gets its name because of the many slow moving river channels which are nutrient rich and flow inland towards Lake Eyre.

OBE Meat:

Salt bush, Channel Millet, Button grass and Native Spinach are just a handful of the nutrient rich, native herbs and grasses which the cattle graze on. OBE cattle are predominately Hereford breed, which are known for their good eating quality. We believe that this combination of a unique production environment and consistent quality of cattle delivers a superior quality eating experience. Certified 100% organic and natural raised in Australia, free of chemicals and growth promotants - pure and simple: OBE Organic produces great tasting organic grass-fed beef.



From the Ocean to the Plate

Steamers seafood is all locally and seasonally sourced which supports local fishermen and also benefits from a smaller carbon footprint. Some of the delicious catch you can expect to see on our menus include barramundi from Kimberley, WA, scallops from Harvey Bay, NSW, prawns from WA, snapper from Port Philip Bay, VIC and wild caught Tasmanian salmon.

At Steamers we aspire to source responsibly, this involves knowing how and where our seafood is caught. Line caught will always be our preference and we promise to never source from fish farms in a commitment to maintain sustainable oceans.

We strive towards maintaining healthy wild fish stocks wherever possible which also negates the environmental concerns associated with fish farms and their production systems. And unlike farmed fish, our catch is free from vaccines, antibiotics and pesticides.



Organic free-range chickens

Steamers poultry is sourced from Inglewood Organic farm, Australia’s leading producer of organic free-range chicken. Here a holistic approach is adopted to ensure that their chickens taste great and provide a higher nutrient content.

Birds are able to forage freely on dedicated grass forage areas, living as nature intended with fresh air and sunshine, the taste and texture is superior, the meat lean and succulent.

Inglewood Organic chicken does not just practice chemical free or free range farming; the way their food is grown and handled throughout the whole farming system is important. They do not use conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or bio engineering. As a certified organic farm, they only apply safe, environmentally and consciously sound farming methods which thereby ensures we have a sustainable landscape for the future.

As a certified organic farm, Inglewood Organic chickens are not treated with the medications, antibiotics, hormones and GMOs found in other products. Only natural remedies are used at Inglewood Organic, ensuring that they are chemical and antibiotic free. These organic birds grow at natures pace, taking almost twice as long as conventional chickens to grow to maturity, resulting in better muscle tone which means the flesh is firmer.

Inglewood Organic Chicken tastes like chicken used to in the good old days!

Home grown organic eggs

Eggs served at Steamers Bar & Grill’s come from our own organically kept chickens, living free range on our farm in the valley of Jamberoo NSW.

Our hens have access to rolling lush paddocks for a minimum 8 hours per day, eat certified organic mix feed and lay delicious organic eggs, 100% free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.


Fresh Produce

Directly from Steamers own Organic Farm

With a restaurant vision so focused on local, organically sourced produce it seemed natural to cultivate our own fresh produce — which ranges from fruits to herbs and vegetables — which we harvest and use through our dishes.

Our organic farm sits in the valleys of Jamberoo, a rural township in NSW which is highly regarded for its nutrient rich, fertile soil.

As champions of this farm-to-fork movement, we can ensure maximum freshness of the food, with a heavy focus on delicious seasonal varieties.

Richard Moran is our dedicated horticulturalist who tends to the farm, greenhouse and harvesting. He works closely with our Executive Chef, Paul Hamilton who drives the direction and essence of the crops planted to formulate seasonal menus. "Growing our own produce allows us to strengthen our appreciation for nature, and have a better understanding of the ingredients we use daily," says Chef Hamilton "The flavour of the food is completely different when it is home-grown".