High Steaks at Steamers Bar and Grill.

Jul 17, 2019

Calling all Steak Enthusiasts, we are now serving the steak to end all steaks, the last meal steak the must not be missed-steak!

Holy cow, we are salivating over the latest addition of 2GR’s Australian Premium Full Blood Wagyu to our next release A la carte menu (expected mid-July).

Raised under the watchful eye of the Rinehart family, possessing generations of Australian heritage and an understanding of the Australian landscape, these animals are carefully cared for, bred and reared with the entire production process completely owned and operated within the family.

As with the Japanese tradition, production is limited to manage quality and prestige, with numbers kept until 10,000 roaming over 39,000 acres of land over plentiful hills for grazing.

The 2GR herds are raised completely naturally and hormone-free, and over 85% of the cattle produced are scored at over 9+ marble score.

2GR Full Blood Wagyu is naturally raised on the open ranges of Eastern Australia, free from artificial additives, growth hormones (HGP), steroids and antibiotics.



“Not all Wagyu is Wagyu. The breed is often cross bred with other breeds and these differing levels of purity do not deliver the same quality, consistency in marbling and eating experience.”

F1 - is 50% Wagyu bloodline

F3 – is 87.5% Wagyu bloodline

Pure Bred - is 98.44% Wagyu bloodline

Full Blood - is 100% Wagyu bloodline – on the menu at Steamers Bar and Grill


Australian-raised Wagyu still has pure Wagyu bloodlines and is classified by its high fat content and intramuscular marbling. Often characterised as ‘melt-in-your-mouth’, the fat of Wagyu beef has a low melting point, meaning when cooked, it literally begins to melt, resulting a buttery, rich flavour and silky texture.


We’re proud to be able to support the passion for Australian land that is so apparent within the Rinehart family and their paddocks and to offer their quality product to our customers.


So time to take the bull by the horns, our 2GR Wagyu +9 tenderloin, with triple fried hand cut fries, vine ripen cherry tomatoes, asparagus, crispy pancetta, wood fried scampi, black truffle butter and pan jus will be available to order $99