New wines from Woodstock, McLaren Vale

Jul 09, 2019

With the chill of winter ahead of us, it is only natural to turn to red wine when having a nice dinner.

Recently we’ve encountered the wines from Woodstock winery in McLaren Vale.


Anyone who drinks and/or has been to McLaren Vale before has heard of their "Tocks" Shiraz. Their iconic wine will regularly win any Shiraz trophy that South Australia has to offer!

So yes, they know how to make wine (Shiraz in particular) and very good wine at that!

But to be honest, their whole range is very nice and very interesting.

“We decided to put on our wine list at Steamers Bar and Grill the following three bottles:”

"Deep Sands" Shiraz 2015

Luscious, full bodied, dark berries, chocolate and cigar: best way to explain this one!

The particularity for this one really is, to me, the barrel fermentation.

They’ve decided to use American Oak barrels from the U.S. (which is not so uncommon), but the result was above all my expectations. In a blind tasting, it could easily be mistaken for a Rye Whiskey with Sherry finish...


"The Octogenarian" Grenache 2015

Yes, I am always easily seduced by a Grenache, when any winemaker crosses Steamers' front door. Once again with these guys, it wasn't hard at all.

Medium bodied, peppermint, cloves, Thyme.... The flavours on the nose are just astonishing. So is its structure: well balanced, plenty of length, and very fine tannins.

I love Grenache, and so should everyone.


"Collett Lane" Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

A Cabernet from McLaren Vale? It might just be the best grape that this whole wine region produces. If so, the Collett lane has got to be one of its best examples.

Dusty, rusty, full bodied, red and dark fruits, oak, smoky, the whole lot basically!

It is a wine that needs to be enjoyed at Steamers with one of our Dry Aged Steaks. 

And this association of flavours will give you a whole new aspect about food and wine matching....

If it might ring a bell to some of you, this wine is (of course different but) as good, if not better, than the Coppermine Road Cab Sav that one of its Neighbours produces...