Tertini Pinot Noir + Beef Stroganoff

May 23, 2019

As we all felt it, winter is slowly arriving. The good thing about winter though, is that we can all enjoy that "richer" type of food that we've been avoiding in summer.

And also, we all want to drink some red wine. 

Our Chef has come up with a new dish on the Steamers 45 which is the Beef Stroganoff. 

“It is a classic, but a very well executed one! The sauce is to die for!”

To go with it, there is nothing better than one of the local heroes that we showcase on our wine list: The Tertini Pinot Noir.

It is from the Southern Highlands, and yet if not everyone is familiar with this small region being a true wine region, that Pinot Noir will help you make up your mind about it.

Elegant, smoky and spicy, with a very good residual acidity on the finish. This wine displays notes of mixed red & dark berries, with plum, and has a medium body (not so typical for a Pinot). 

We believe that it will be truly enjoyable to be shared with some friends and family all along this coming winter.